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Elements - love at first site

Meet Elements2 - it's love at first site

Simply put, the best looking CMS on the market.

Elements screen shot

It's a creative Content Management System like no other

Creating great looking websites that are standards compliant, search engine optimised and work correctly and consistently in popular browsers is no small order.

It requires top class creativity from designers who understand branding, graphic design and the internet working alongside equally passionate and experienced technicians who write the code - all the things you can't see.

Technology should be transparent, so that all you see are the features and benefits shining through.

Introducing widgets

There's a Widget for practically anything

Elements 2 is packed full of widgets which come as standard such as a free Text Editor, Library Manager, Site Builder and Language Pack.

Of course you can bespoke your CMS site by purchasing bolt on widgets such as; News, Maps, Galleries, Events, Forms, RSS Feeds, Testimonials, Social Networking, we could go on but the list is limitless. Plus we can create a widget just for your specific needs. It's all done simply, stylishly and at an affordable price.

But don't just take our word for it, see what some of our clients think...

The solution Design One provided is perfect; whatever I add through their Elements content management system somehow appears on the website as if put there by a designer. It's very clever.

Reaching a wider audience

Love it or loathe it, the social media boom has expanded the coverage in which potential new markets can be tapped into.

Elements 2 allows you to update the news page on your website and simultaneously post it directly on Facebook at the click of a button.

Meaning anyone can see your latest news on the move or in the office.

To find out more get in touch on

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